Ohio Bankruptcy: Dealing With the Reality of Your Situation


Prior to coming to the realization that their debts are overwhelmingly out of control, the majority of Ohio bankruptcy filers usually have stopped making payments over a fair amount of time already.  If you're still in the early stages of nonpayment such that you have just started to get the menacing letters and threatening phone [...]

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10 Things to Do Before You File Bankruptcy


Problem-free bankruptcy requires planning. You can save yourself some serious headaches by checking these 10 items off your to-do list before you file. #1 Move Money to Avoid Setoffs If you owe money to a bank at which you also have deposit accounts (e.g. checking, savings, money market accounts), the bank can use the balance [...]

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Is there a certain amount of debt to qualify for bankruptcy?


If you are in a difficult financial situation, you may wonder if there are debt qualifications for bankruptcy. How much debt do you have to have in order to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13? Andrade Law Office LLC can help you answer that question. Call us today for a confidential consultation. How Much Debt Do I Have to [...]

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Can Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure?


Struggling to meet your monthly mortgage payments may put your home in danger of foreclosure. Fortunately, filing for bankruptcy may help your situation. Below we'll examine how can bankruptcy stop foreclosure, as well as which type of bankruptcy you should file. How Does Foreclosure Work? Though constrained by state law, the process of foreclosure typically begins [...]

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Can You File Bankruptcy on Medical Bills?


Unexpected medical crises often lead to costly treatments and operations. If you're missing work due to your injuries, then you may also be struggling to pay the bills. While it may seem impossible to overcome your mounting debt, you do still have some options. Bankruptcy can not only help you discharge your debt, but it [...]

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How Long Does Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Take?


If you’re considering filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you likely have questions about the process. How long does bankruptcy Chapter 7 take, and what can you expect in terms of a timeline? A typical Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing takes 4-6 months to complete. But depending on the specifics of your case, that time frame may [...]

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Chapter 7 vs Chapter 13: Which Option Is Best for Me?


By now, you're probably already aware of the benefits of bankruptcy. But which chapter should you file? What are the pros and cons of Chapter 7 vs Chapter 13? The decision to file bankruptcy is a weighty one. A Middletown OH bankruptcy attorney can help you fully understand your options and determine which chapter best suits [...]

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How Often Can You File Bankruptcy?


If you’ve filed bankruptcy before, can you file again? How often can you file bankruptcy? The answer depends on a variety of factors, including what type of bankruptcy you filed in the past and whether or not it was dismissed. What Are the Limitations on Filing Bankruptcy? Although there are no limits on how many [...]

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Can One Spouse File Bankruptcy Without the Other?


Thousands of married couples file for bankruptcy each year. But if you and your partner are struggling with debt, you likely have many questions. How will bankruptcy affect my spouse? Can one spouse file bankruptcy without the other? The short answer is yes, you can file bankruptcy without your spouse. But before you make that decision, it's [...]

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What Happens When You File Bankruptcy?


The word bankruptcy used to strike fear, desperation, and failure in the hearts of many. But in today's changing economic climate, it's not unusual for hardworking Americans to find themselves in financial situations that are nearly impossible to get out of. And struggling families must do what they can to provide for their families. Sometimes that means taking on [...]

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How to Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy in 4 Easy Steps


Filing for bankruptcy doesn't mean that your financial life is over. In fact, it can provide a fresh start and allow you to build a better financial future than you've ever had. Learning how to rebuild credit after bankruptcy can help you take steps you need to avoid similar problems in the future. Preparing for those future [...]

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How Can the Bankruptcy Automatic Stay Protect You From Creditors?


If you're in danger of immediate legal action such as a foreclosure or wage garnishment, bankruptcy can provide much-needed relief, either temporarily or permanently, through the automatic stay. A stay is a court order that takes immediate effect when you file bankruptcy. It prevents creditors, collection agencies, or civil lawsuits from taking action against you. [...]

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When to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


If you need assistance in deciding when to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we can help you. We understand bankruptcy procedures and we know this decision affects more than just your finances. To learn more about when to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and for help in making an informed decision, contact our West Chester, Ohio Bankruptcy attorney at [...]

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What to Expect at Your Bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors (341 Hearing)


The meeting of creditors, also called the 341 hearing, is where you meet with your bankruptcy trustee before your court appearance. This 5-to-10-minute meeting is required by section 341 of the Bankruptcy Code. To learn more about how to prepare for your 341 hearing, speak to a bankruptcy attorney at Andrade Law Offices. Who Must Attend the Meeting of [...]

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Is Bankruptcy Right for Me?


When a monetary crisis strikes and you just can't find a why to pay your bills, bankruptcy may seem like the only way to make a fresh start. But because of the stigma many associate with bankruptcy, you may be wondering, "Is bankruptcy right for me?" The answer is, it depends on a myriad of [...]

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