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Without the help of a Middletown tax attorney, you might feel overwhelmed by the Internal Revenue Service’s threatening letters, confusing regulations, and demands for payment. At Andrade Law Office, LLC, we help protect our neighbor’s legal rights and negotiate with the IRS on their behalf. Learn more about our approach to Ohio tax law and representation below.

We Help Clients Understand Their Income Taxes and Fix Their Problems

Middletown Tax Attorney, Ohio | Middletown Tax Lawyer, OhioFederal and Ohio tax law is incredibly complicated. Too frequently, honest, hard-working Middletown residents make mistakes on their tax filings. Unfortunately, the IRS doesn’t care if your errors weren’t intentional — it will aggressively demand payment of unpaid taxes and charge you incredibly high fees and penalties.

While you might be embarrassed or afraid, you should never ignore a tax issue. Avoiding the IRS will only make matters worse. Instead, you should contact an experienced Middletown tax attorney for assistance. Our tax lawyers can help you regain control, rebuild, and resolve your tax dispute with the state or federal government.

How Can a Middletown Tax Attorney Help?

At Andrade Law Office, LLC, we assist Middletown families and businesses with tax preparation, planning, and dispute resolution. Whether you have a complicated tax return, unpaid taxes, or want to help your loved ones avoid estate taxes we can help you navigate the Ohio and U.S. tax systems. We know you need practical advice in plain English, and are happy to help.

Depending on your unique circumstances, Middletown tax attorney David Andrade can help you with the following:

  • Prepare and file your state and federal taxes
  • Understand your payroll and other business tax obligations
  • Identify and maximize both your tax deductions and credits
  • Assess your eligibility for various IRS programs
  • Craft a personalized tax plan for your family or business
  • Submit unfiled tax returns
  • Amending an incorrectly filed tax return
  • Negotiate installment plans as well as offers in compromise
  • Handle tax liens, levies, and wage garnishment
  • Survive a tax audit
  • Stop harassing phone calls and letters from both the IRS and other creditors
  • Protect innocent spouses from their spouse’s tax liability

Additionally, we help clients understand how their estate plans, bankruptcies, and tax issues intersect. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, creativity, and personalized client experience. Contact us today for a free, no-risk consultation.

What Is the Fresh Start Program?

You might have heard of the IRS’ Fresh Start Program, but do you know what it is? Created in 2011, the Fresh Start Program acknowledges that the financial downturn put a lot of Ohio families in a difficult position. It helps people with back taxes by doing the following:

  • Letting them avoid tax liens
  • Streamlining the IRS’ installment plan process
  • Expanding the IRS’ offer in compromise program and making it easier to navigate

While the Fresh Start Program reduced certain tax penalties for a period of time, those provisions have now expired.

If you have unpaid income taxes and are overwhelmed with tax liens and levies, contact a Middletown tax attorney for more information about the Fresh Start Program. We can help you assess your eligibility and determine whether an offer in compromise or installment program can help you fix your IRS problems.

Does the Ohio Department of Taxation Negotiate Back Taxes?

Like the IRS, the Ohio Department of Taxation offers tax relief options. If you believe the state’s tax assessment is incorrect, you can appeal its determination. While you can informally request a reassessment, it’s typically in your best interest to file a written appeal with the help of a Middletown tax attorney.

You also might be eligible for an Ohio offer in compromise if you can prove:

  • Economic hardship
  • Doubt of collectability
  • You would likely receive a tax refund (under certain circumstances)

Getting an Ohio offer in compromise involves filing paperwork, financial disclosures, and other information with the Attorney General and that demonstrates your eligibility. For example, you cannot request an offer in compromise if you have filed a tax appeal or a bankruptcy.

If you would like more information about Ohio offers in compromise and other tax relief options, contact Middletown tax lawyer David Andrade. We will listen to your story, answer your questions, and help you understand your tax relief options.

Schedule an Appointment With a Middletown Tax Attorney

A Middletown tax attorney can help you properly file your taxes as well as maximize your deductions. We can also help you resolve tax problems that might arise. Andrade Law Office, LLC has helped Ohio residents with a wide variety of income, payroll, and estate tax issues for over 16 years. We pride ourselves in our real world, practical approach to tax law. If you need help navigating both the federal and Ohio tax systems, contact us for a no-risk consultation today.